HRL brings its leading expertise in community engagement and issues resolution to assist organisations facing the most complex issues, consultations and those matters which require "out of the box" solutions. Community expertise, political acumen and a history of success is brought to your project.

Examples of Experience


Nelson City Homelessness and Lewis Stanton (Hone ma Heke) 2017

In 2017 David led the Nelson City Council to broader approaches to the tragic human issue of homelessness. Taking a multi-agency approach David brought together a collaboration and leading development of a Mayoral Taskforce on Homelessness. 

David is also helped the council to resolve a longstanding protest against the Council by Mr Lewis Stanton (Hone ma Heke) who lived outside of Farmers on Trafalgar Street of Nelson for a number of years in a protest against the council and SPCA. The polarising situation was punctuated by community protests, periodic violence and arrests. David, working with a wonderful local support team including community and elected members, reached out to resolve the issues with Mr Stanton - who responded in kind. A significant step along the pathway to reconciliation was taken on 30 November with a mutual public apology in Nelson's All Saints Church.

Hone's lawyer Steven Zindel endorsed David's role in the process, saying: "Then out of the blue, David Hammond as the acting chief executive was a bit of a circuit-breaker, we had this meeting and attitudes just changed because people were talking honestly and not posturing, on both sides." The parties are now building a new trust relationship and working on permanent solutions to the issues. 

Dad and Hone


Hone ma Heke


Project Sponsor Coromandel Harbour Development 2012-16

Project Sponsor for the development of aquaculture wharfing at Sugarloaf, Coromandel, and exploring the expansion of other harbour facilities for growing recreational and charter industries. The aspirational goal of the project includes the linking of Coromandel town to Auckland City via the 'Blue Highway' across the Hauraki Gulf by fast ferry. Total project cost estimated at $50M and managed with Prince2 methodology.


Complex Project Led Restructure of TCDC and Implementation of Community Empowerment 2012-13

David led and completed an extensive change management project covering governance systems, staffing structure, revenue and expenditure, internal high performance systems, and external stakeholder relationships.

Overall achieved:

"We have nothing but appreciation and respect for David's input on the Coromandel. We inherited a Council that had lost touch with its community, and was crippled under high rates and debt. With David’s passion for Community Empowerment we have turned this around and what's been achieved is huge." (Endorsement from Mayor Glenn Leach) 


Project Leader Te Kahui Tupua 2009-11

As well as Chairing a Regional Partnership Programme, David took over as Project Leader of a $2.8M project part way through at a time when delivery was failing. That project won two national awards for success, and 90% satisfaction from tourism operators. David’s own District enjoyed 0.2% economic growth in 2010 (compared to national decline of -2.5%). With his organisation's $6.5M of investment committed to tourism, David calculated that they leveraged a further $26M from external funders.


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