HRL provides management support for councils who are developing great partnership relationships with their communities and stakeholders. From David fulfilling Acting Chief Executive roles to completing project reviews, to restructuring advice, to mentoring and elected member support. David has personally transformed three local authorities with strong success in each.

Examples of Experience

1. Acting Chief Executive Nelson City Council June - December 2017

Nelson City Council is a unitary authority with regional council functions, with an annual budget of $99M, asset base of $1.5B and 240 staff. David was brought in to bring change the council’s operating style, clarify its priorities, be more strategic, and develop staff into a happier and more highly performing team. Key projects David directly led in the period were:


Contact: Mayor Rachel Reese 027 246-7766

Hone Council sign Letter of Understanding

David brings an end to a longstanding six-year protest by Lewis Stanton against the Council on the main street of Nelson. Left to right: Cr Kate Fulton, David Hammond (Acting Chief Executive Nelson City Council), Hone ma Heke (Lewis Stanton) and Sean Thomas (Psychologist)

2. Stratford Code of Conduct Complaint 2017

HRL Director, David Hammond, was the external investigator for Stratford District Council in its Code of Conduct complaint providing services of investigation, analysis of the materiality of the breach and advice to council on actions taken.


3. Tourism advice to local government

HRL has provided several tourism 'Hot Reports' for councils to analyse their investment impact on the tourism industry for rate funding, comparing this to national and cohort figures. David's national report 'Value for Money?' reported on the national spend by the sector on tourism and was a platform for sector advocacy. HRL is the only company to know what expenditure on tourism was by councils in 2015/16 and compare their performance. This advisory role is offered to councils and RTOs.

Value for Money 2016 cover

Site Assessment

Peak Tourism

LGAT 2017 Plenary Panel Discussion 21Hot ReportDraft Measuring RTO Performance Report 2016

4. Restructure of Thames-Coromandel District Council 2012-13

David led an extensive change programme which completely transformed this local authority with $1.3B assets and $75M operating revenue operating and governance model, and achieved the following outcomes:

Kopu meeting David Hammond 463x292


Glenn Leach Endorsement


Get Ready Winner web


Ella 2013


David Hammond 2012 TCDC CEO

5. Restructure of Ruapehu District Council 2007-11

David led a change management programme to redevelop this $320M asset value organisation to create a more cost efficient and higher performing council. A collaborative culture was created with community, industry and iwi, and David put a lot of work into realigning the regulatory environment to reduce barriers to economic development. With strong financial results the council felt more confident to invest in lagging infrastructure and embarked on its biggest ever capex programme in 2009. Achievements:

TKT John Key3


Article: Leadership in the Age of Seal Level Rise

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