David Hammond


David Hammond is one of Australasia's foremost leaders in community engagement, and has recently launched a new initiative leading local governments to implement more effective models of community governance - The Partner Journey. David is also a leading in the field of local government management of tourism, including destination management and freedom camping, in Australia and New Zealand. You can find more information about David's strengths and experience here.

David also provides training internationally on governance improvement and assists New Zealand and Australian organisations with strategic planning.  His varied background includes ten years as Chief Executive of three successful New Zealand councils, management of large multi-million dollar contracts and not-for-profit board involvements.

David is a regular international speaker on community empowerment and a regular media commentator on tourism impacts in communities. David also is a Director of the community development organisation Kete Foundation NZ.



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Jacqui Irwin

Project Contractor 

Jacqui Irwin M.Sc. Hons (Resource Management), B.Sc. is a Project Contractor for Hammond Robertson Ltd and has extensive experience in the community sector, public sector, local government and governance.

With nearly a decade in local government strategic planning, five years with the Department of Conservation and extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector, Jacqui brings a well-tuned mind and a broad, balanced perspective to her work. 

Examples of Jacqui's work include:



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Lyn Cheyne

Project Contractor 

Lyn established Strategy Works in 2017, and is no stranger to strategic marketing development and implementation.

She has grown Whanganui’s tourism sector over the last four years with her expertise in destination and services marketing.  One of the toughest regions in New Zealand to promote from its previous reputation, her strategies have increased tourism numbers, tourism spend and also lifted the national perception and positioning of Whanganui as an arts and cultural hub to visit. 

As Executive Officer for Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers for 11 years, Lyn worked on developing the Hawke’s Bay red wine story and positioning on the national and international radar as New Zealand’s full bodied red wine region. 

With over 15 years working in place marketing, services marketing and regional economic development, Lyn has significant experience in customer focused strategy development and implementation across a range of industries.  

Lyn is also a NZ Business Mentor, a member of the NZ Marketing Association and the NZ Institute of Directors.  She is passionate about regional progress and development and aims to ensure regional businesses, organisations and associations have access to expertise needed in today's complex and competitive world.



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Peter Boyd

Project Contractor 

Peter Boyd BAS (Landscape Architecture) is a Project Contractor for Hammond Robertson Ltd, focused on enhancing community driven initiatives.

With considerable experience driving positive change in his own community, Peter is able to balance creative and practical problem solving for real impact.  Believing in continuous learning and the value young people bring to the table, he effectively engages grassroots community for collaborative outcomes.



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Steve Hart

Project Contractor 

Steve is a local government professional whose distinguished background in both tourism and front-line compliance management means he is well respected by politicians and staff alike.

Prior to going out on his own in 2017, Steve worked in bylaw contract management and Team Leader compliance roles, helping set up systems and approaches to Freedom Camping compliance and enforcement management.

Steve is Hammond Robertson's resident Freedom Camping Enforcement Specialist and provides clients with fun and engaging training sessions for regulatory and front-line enforcement officers.



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