Case Study of TCDC: Boards taking an equal leadership role with their elected council

Presentation by David Hammond

The following is the presentation, 'Nothing short of equal' given by HRL Director David Hammond. Note that David probably changed the content at some points on stage.


YouTube Video of TCDC Model

YouTube Video of TCDC elected members reflecting on the Model they put in place

Case Study

The following link is to the Case Study written by HRL Director, David Hammond, regarding the project he led on the Coromandel, New Zealand, to establish the most devolved form of council leadership in New Zealand or Australia. It was referenced in David's talk to delegates. The Model called, 'Community Empowerment' was introduced in 2012 and still stands as an example of the opportunity of local Community Boards with extremely good results in community engagement, satisfaction and cost efficiency. The results are measurable even if some council elected or senior staff members prickle at a successful alternative which challenges their status quo.

Case Study (Click here)

Offer of Services

HRL Director, David Hammond, outlines the range of services that the company provides. Note that there is some lee-way for a conversation about affordability. But a visit to your council even for an hour will take David out for a whole day of work with travel.

Offer of Services (Click here)

Freedom Camping Problems in Community Board Areas

Conference participants expressed their struggles with the issues of Freedom Camping across Board areas. HRL is the leading company in New Zealand providing a full range of support services to council. In May 2017 HRL launched a new Freedom Camping Solutions website as a one-stop-resource for local and central government, business and community.  The wbsite is linked to a Facebook page to allow engagement by affected communities across the country. The website and Facebook page welcome all to connect. The links are:


Facebook Freedom Camping Solutions page:


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